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In Hanoi there are many famous temples, such as Tran Quoc Pagoda and Lang Pagoda; Kim Lien Pagoda ... But tourists from every corner come to Hanoi always desire to admire the temple with a unique architecture - One Pillar Pagoda .... It can be said that the One Pillar Pagoda is one of the works with the most unique architecture and historical, religious, artistic and technical values ​​in the "Ha Thanh" land, the temple is located in the population of Dien Huu Pagoda. on the land of Thanh Bao village, Quang Duc district, the west of Thang Long citadel in Ly Dynasty, now belongs to One Cot pagoda street, Ba Dinh district - Hanoi.

The story tells that: On one day, King Ly Thai Tong (1028-1054) dreamed to see Quan Quan Am on the lotus, bringing his hand to the king. When he woke up, the king told the mandarins, the monk Thien Tue immediately advised the king to build a pagoda, to build a stone pillar in the middle of the lake, to build a lotus-shaped pagoda of Quan Am Buddha. The pagoda was completed with the image of a thousand-petal lotus tower, which was used for the Buddha's pink building, and placed a sparkling golden Buddha statue. The monks went to the ceremony, went around the temple to recite the Buddha's name and prayed for the king to live long, hence the name Dien Huu Pagoda.

Lotus Tower (Lotus Flower), we are known as One Pillar Pagoda with a square of 3m each way, curved roof is built on a pillar of 4m high pillar (not including submerged ground) with a diameter of 1.2m. Stone pillars consist of 2 blocks, very cleverly attached, at first glance like a stone block. The uniqueness of the One Pillar Pagoda architecture is that the entire temple is placed on a stone pillar. There is a bold combination of poetic romantic imagery through lotus images and perfect solutions for wooden architectural structures by bracing systems, especially using large cross-pillars from columns to floors, both create a strong posture and bring aesthetic effect like the curve of the lotus wing, establishing harmony between the roof and the floor by a virtual symmetry.

Along with the bottom square pond can be the symbol for the land (heavenly round, square earth), the temple seems to rise to the noble notion: Compassion sheds light on the world. The stone architectural block is supported by the landscape, with ponds, trees have created a close, pure but still elegant. The high feeling of architecture like sharing, getting along with the sky and the sky, and the green of the leaves makes people clean up their troubles, reach the purity of the soul ...

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