Huong Pagoda Day Trip

Itinerary: Huong Pagoda Day Trip

08h30: The guide will pick you up from our hotel and start the one-day tour of the pagoda. Guests will walk sightseeing, sightseeing Huong pagoda.
10h30: Travel 1 hour on a rowing boat. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountain reflecting on the crystal water.
11h30: Have lunch at a local restaurant at the foot of the mountain and take a rest.
14h00: Tour guide takes you to the main pagoda and explore the cave on the highest mountain in the range - this is considered the most beautiful cave under the sky of South Asia.
You take photo memories here and learn about the history of Vietnam, religion, Buddhism.
Visiting Thien Tru Pagoda then return to the harbor, say goodbye and farewell. End of visit Huong pagoda 1 day.

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